If you live in Bend or you’re ever passing through, stop by our workshop for a tour. We’d love to show you in person the craftsmanship and engineering that goes into your custom garage cabinets. 

Your custom design is the blueprint for everything we do.

Our engineers program your custom design for our state-of-the-art CNC laser or CNC punch, where the metal is cut to the exact specifications.

The CNC forming operation builds in strength and rigidity without requiring expensive all-over welding.

Precision welds add rigidity to critical areas. 

Instead of outsourcing powder-coating services, where we’d have to surrender control of quality and timing, we do it right here in our own environmentally friendly powder coating system. The three-stage wash system thoroughly washes and dries your cabinet parts and then the powder is applied and baked on for a durable finish. All the pieces of your order go through at once so we can ensure consistent color and finish.

Then, we assemble your custom garage cabinets, and pack them into individual cartons for safe and efficient shipping. (Doors and shelves are packed separately and installed at your location.)

Finally, we carefully palletize, strap and shrink wrap your cabinets for shipping. If we’re installing for you, we’ll meet the shipment at the local freight terminal in your area, pick them up, deliver and install them for you.


Baldhead Cabinet Company’s COO, Peter Fleming, discusses the making of Baldhead Metal Cabinets. This includes dreaming with customers, the importance of quality, a dedication to being made in the USA and working hand in hand with his father and Baldhead founder, Eric Fleming.