My first contact with the company was immediately answered, with extreme honesty and interest in my project.  On the very first call I realized that the Company President, Eric Fleming, was handling my design.  Eric was extremely patient with my many design changes, measurements, unique requirements.  He personally handled every conversation from the start.  You don’t find that kind of commitment these days.

The passion and enthusiasm of Eric and the team was infectious.  The entire experience was the best I have ever had with a contracted job.  Eric and the team at Baldhead simply would never do anything wrong.  They are 100% dependable.
— Paul, Connecticut
I chose Baldhead Cabinets for the look, quality, and configurability of the cabinets. I also like the fact it’s a family owned business. There was a personal connection there due to me being in family business. When I first connected with Eric I sensed the pride in the Baldhead product and brand.

I am thrilled with how uniform everything is. The finishes, the feel of the doors and drawers, the levelness of the lines. Everything looks high end and it makes my garage space feel so much cleaner and better organized. I want to hang out in my garage now vs. wanting to look the other way! It fits the space perfectly and the quality of construction is best in class.
— Jason, Iowa
The website noted it was owned by a family and some pics on the website showed the employees all gathered together.

When I talked to Peter, he was extremely professional and helped me with CAD layouts. The willingness to help me made a big impression.

I had absolutely no problems with the installation.  I even had all the nuts, bolts and screws.  Everything was there.  I thought to myself, this is what American manufacturing is supposed to be like.
— Tommy, Colorado
I saw ads for Baldhead Cabinet Company in various car magazines and Robb Report. The repetitive nature, quality and placement of the ads lead me to believe Baldhead was the best. I read on-line reviews and found nothing but good.  After looking at the Baldhead Cabinets website, I found the information straightforward and understandable with beautiful images to view.
The process of designing the cabinets, as well as the patience and helpfulness Peter provided during the process, is why I finally went with Baldhead. Designing was my favorite part. It was a great experience from beginning to end.
— Jim, Wisconsin
Best quality product on the market today, that is customizable to any space. It also helps when the owner emails you back with full responses and drawing within 24 hours, regardless of the day of the week.
— James, Illinois
I really appreciated the ease of installation for the do-it-yourselfer. I installed them in 2 days time. The instructions are absolutely perfect.
I chose Baldhead Cabinets for their durability and huge variety of cabinets. The construction is phenomenal and they have the best hardware. They’ll last a lifetime.
The cabinets are well built, attractive, and functional. I don’t know how many people I’ve had look at mine and just drool. The cabinets are well constructed and engineered, plus they’re great people to work with.
They’re flexible on custom orders. I love the thought process that goes into the design. The little bins are the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.
The quality is very good and they are easy to install. They figured out everything. You couldn’t make a mistake and there were no wasted steps. Everything had a purpose. The packaging- what an awesome job.
The first impression when you walk in is, ‘wow- who made these?!’
The best part of doing business with them is that they are very professional. If they give you a time and a date, they are right on time.
Everything fit together perfectly, and the shipping was extraordinary. Thanks for the great quality and workmanship.
— Dick
I am absolutely blown away by the quality of your product. From the care with which they were packaged, to the thoughtfulness of the design, you have far exceeded my expectations.
— Steve
We talked through our needs over the phone but it was hard to visualize what they were going to look like. Then when we saw the sketch come through, we just said, ‘WOW!’
On a scale of 1-10, I’d give every aspect of their business a 20. You usually don’t get that experience the first time working with someone.
Everyone who looks at the cabinets are blown away. If they wanted to have someone cruise by, I’d be happy to show them. They should ask customers to allow them to do that.
In 35 years of custom home building, I am not sure I have run across a complex product that was so well designed, engineered and constructed.