Carrera Motors

In 2015 Porsche of Bend, formerly known as Carrera Motors, developed a one of a kind facility to restore, rebuild, maintain, and enhance classic Porsche roadsters. They’ve named it Porsche of Bend Classic, and it truly embodies the high-end performance that is synonymous with the Porsche name.

Every detail of the Classic facility was designed to strike the perfect balance between function, power, and beauty, which is clearly evident in the granite gray powder coated cabinets showcased in the facility.

Manufactured and installed by Baldhead Cabinet Company in Bend, Oregon, the cabinets are 18-gauge steel with double wall construction and the floating stainless steel counter tops are designed to withstand years of industrial use. Baldhead also included the custom designed glossy red backsplash that is reminiscent of the signature Porsche design feature.

“I’m very impressed with the fit and finish and ease of installation with the cabinets being modular,” said Steve Byers Manager of Porsche of Bend Classic. “Thanks to Baldhead our Classic facility is everything we wanted it to be.”

If you want to take a closer look at the Porsche Classic facility we recommend you make the visit in person, it makes an incredible impression. In the mean time check out their website at You can also view a small gallery of images here

Baldhead Cabinet Company would love to have you swing by our facility as well- located in the same town and don’t forget to check us out online for all of your custom storage needs.