Client Q&A Series- Cathy, TX

We have installed cabinets all across the United States and Canada. We are repeatedly fulfilling our clients exact needs and wishes. It's really fun to be part of making a space precisely what someone wants. 


How did you hear about Baldhead Cabinet Company?
We had purchased Baldhead Cabinets 7 years ago for a smaller garage and loved the product.

Why did you choose Baldhead Cabinet Company?
We felt they had the absolute best option for garage cabinets and we liked made in America.

What is your favorite thing about your cabinets?
Everything!  They look great, are extremely functional, and we know they are quality.

How was your experience working with the team at Baldhead?
It was great from the start.  We worked with Peter on the design for several months.  He is very detail oriented and patient and offered great suggestions.  We were building a new 4800 square foot garage and wanted about 56 linear feet of cabinets.  The design was very important and the end result is perfect.  Once the order was placed, things happened fast.  The cabinets were delivered to our door and the following week Peter, Peter and Eric arrived for the install.  They had it unpacked and organized in a couple of hours on the day they arrived and then did an amazing job of getting everything assembled and installed the next day, working 11 hours straight with not even a break for lunch.  We had hundreds of pieces, maybe thousands if you count nuts and bolts, and they had packed so well they didn't have any missing parts.  They took 11 giant boxes off our garage floor and assembled them on our walls.  If we had tried to install ourselves, it would have been a disaster.  We know Baldhead is a great product and are already enjoying the clean lines, TV door, stainless sink, bin drawers, diamond backsplash, Boos Blocks counter tops (also made in America).  We highly recommend the crew and products at Baldhead.