Cleaning the Garage

Cleaning the garage for something better


The vast majority of people would be a little bit embarrassed if their guests ask them to look in their garage. Even though “garage” is a term used to describe a shed or building used for housing a motor vehicle (or several motor vehicles), most people use them as space where they store or simply pile up holiday decorations, unfinished projects, unused equipment and many other items that they actually don’t need. According to the US Department of Energy, 4 out of 10 households that have two-car garages don’t have enough room to park vehicles inside them and more than 30% have room for one vehicle although the garage has capacity for two vehicles. Even if there is enough room, the rest of the garage is messy and cluttered with useless stuff. On the other hand, if everything is fine your garage can be used for many useful things not just for housing your car. In order to solve this problem, you will need to clean and keep this place organized.

If your garage is cluttered, you must make a good plan. It is very difficult to determine the amount of time you will need for this cleaning, so add a few days to your initial plan in any case. At this point, you should also take a close look at the offers from junk removal service providers in your area because it is very likely that some of the items will have to be thrown away. 

This process starts with removing everything from the garage in your yard. You need to empty the garage. Don’t hesitate to remove the items that seem to belong in the garage naturally because you are not just cleaning the garage, but you are also trying to make better organization. 

The next step is to check and determine which items will stay and which items will be trashed or donated. If you don’t want it, have more than one of the same item, or it doesn’t serve a purpose, get rid of it. There are many junk removal services that will help you with the donations, so you can just separate the items into two groups – the ones you need and the one that need to go away from your garage and home.


Now it’s time to sort your things. When the trash is collected, you need to decide which items can go back in the garage and which ones should be stored in other places. As you sort, create categories. Don’t heap all the things you want to keep in a big pile but instead sort them into piles as you go. 


If you don’t organize things well, you will soon experience the same problems with clutter and confusion. Start by organizing the piles you created in the ‘sort’ stage. Once you are settled on what you're keeping, think about the most efficient way to store those things. This is why it is a good idea to store items in designated areas instead of creating piles. One way to do this is to use a good bin, shelving, or cabinet system. Cabinets come in different dimensions and they are suitable for storing almost any kind of items. With their help you can easily calculate space and use you have for said cabinets.

We hope that these tips will help you keep your garage tidy and use it for its primary purpose.