We are a full-service, family-owned company that designs and manufactures custom garage cabinets in Bend, Oregon. Some of our customers are surprised when they realize that the “salesperson” handling their call is actually one of the owners. What can we say? We love getting to know our customers as well as being a part of the whole process whether the cabinets are for your garage, toy barn or hangar. Here’s a little bit about us.

Eric Fleming


Eric started the business in his own garage in 1985, hiring his first employee in 1986. He worked with partners to produce his hand-drafted designs, and then eventually moved to a bigger facility and started taking on more and more of the production. A few moves and a lot of hires later, we are now in a 55,000-square-foot facility in Bend, controlling every aspect of the operation, from CAD design to powder coating. When he’s not at the shop, which is rare, Eric loves to travel. Each year, he and Bobbie visit orphanages in India, which they are proud to sponsor in partnership with Harvest India.

Bobbie Fleming


It was Bobbie who first suggested that the family start building custom garage cabinets. She and Eric were remodeling their house in California and couldn’t find cabinets for their garage that were up to their standards. So they decided to make their own, and the rest is history. Bobbie wears a lot of hats at Baldhead—on any given day, you might find her walking the floor of the workshop, pouring over financials or on the phone with a customer or vendor. If she’s not at the shop, she’s probably sharing a meal with her kids and grandkids or planning their next trip to visit the children they help support in India.

Peter Fleming


Peter joined the company, well, when he was born. Growing up, he spent many summers helping out with the family business and even figured out how to get school credit for his work there. He came on full-time in 2008 when he moved to Bend after several years of college, culinary school and study abroad in Italy. Peter is involved in many aspects of cabinet production, from design to assembly to installation. Outside of work, Peter loves traveling with his beautiful wife. Together, they never stop searching for rocks to climb, mountains to scale, rivers to raft, waves to surf and new restaurants to try.

The Baldhead team

There’s a reason we’re not named Fleming Cabinets—we believe our “family” is larger than ourselves. From the front desk to the back shipping door, everyone at Baldhead plays an important role in the design and manufacturing of your custom cabinets.